Kandovan is the only rocky village in the world. Kandovan is located in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran, in the city of Oscu, and is famous for its rocky structure. The village has been registered as a valuable work in the national works of Iran, and it has a worldwide reputation and it is the only rocky village in the world.
The weather in the Kandovan village is mountainous and bungalow. And in the cold seasons, the heating of the rooms is done through the floor. Kandovan village has 700-year-old rocky houses and a unique view, encouraging tourists to travel to the beautiful weather spot on the slopes of one of the most beautiful and oldest mountain ranges in the country.
The most famous souvenir of Kandovan is honey. Apricots and sour cherries, Nutrients, Sparrows, Lavashkas, Glimm, and Jajim and handmade wines are also famous here. Its mineral water is suitable for the treatment of many diseases and drinkable from a few tap water inside the village.
The rocky hotel of Laleh Kandovan is the third rocky hotel in the world. It is located in the heart of this village, 22 km far from the city of Oscu and 62 km far from Tabriz, whose unique architecture has attracted many tourists.