Breaking Quarantine

While thinking quarantine is hard and sometimes unnecessary or not fair, it is nothing compared to being prisoned. Anyone would immediately choose to wait out the quarantine if they knew the price was spending much more than 14 days behind bars.

An American teenager was put to jail and was sentenced to four months in prison in the Cayman Islands for violating the Caribbean nation’s 14-day quarantine for passengers. But this is not all, finally, after some discussions, it seems that she has had her sentence reduced.

According to multiple media reports, this American citizen who is ironically a pre-med student at Mercer University in Georgia still has to serve two months.

She arrived in the Caymans on Nov. 27 and was required to quarantine for 14 days as the island’s coronavirus pandemic directors say. Just like all the other passengers, she was given a smart wristband and cell phone to track her movements. She also signed a document assenting not to leave her place of isolation without permission.

But it seemed that she took the restrictions lightly and only two days later was arrested for tampering with the wristband just to join a jet ski competition with her boyfriend, who by the way was also arrested and together they were sentenced to four months in prison. However, he too had his sentence reduced.

The boyfriend said that whilst they hoped that Skylar (the American med student) would be able to return to resume her studies in January, they assent the decision.

The doctor to be was charged with leaving her isolation place during the obligatory quarantine period. Ramgeet, her boyfriend who lives in the Islands, was charged with aiding and abetting her.

Mack’s family appealed to Donald Trump to intervene, though it doesn’t appear any action has taken place yet.