Coffee House Paintings in Ray

The Razi historical and tourism complex of Ray was put into operation on a 4-hectare land in the presence of the mayor of Tehran, the special governor of Ray, members of the Tehran city council, and a group of city officials with Coffee House Paintings.

They all agreed that more attention should be paid to Ray’s capacities: “If we look at Ray from the perspective of tourism with attractions such as these Coffee House Paintings, the capacity of this city is unique.”

Ray has a combination of historical, ancient, and religious capacities. They hoped to create the Ray Museum and also contribute to other topics such as cinema, galleries, and libraries that play an important role in Ray tourism. In addition, 50 coffee house paintings were displayed in this collection.

Safa Sabouri Deilami said at the opening ceremony of the Razi Historical and Tourism Complex in Ray: “When the fifth city administration took over the Razi project, it was not imagined that the project would end so easily, despite financial problems and many debts.”

She added that they had a special gallery prepared for Coffee House Paintings, which are one of the unique characteristics of Persian art and painting.

Razi complex has a space of more than 31,000 square meters with four large halls. Razi Complex is the first historical-tourism complex of Tehran Municipality.

She added: “Since 30 months ago, when the mayor of Tehran ordered all projects in the south of Tehran to be implemented with more effort and speed, several projects were considered, one of which was the Razi tourism-historical complex and the exhibition of Coffee House Paintings.”

Razi Group tries to have a privileged presence in the lives of the people of Ray and tries to attract various groups of tourists by using its capacities creatively. These 50 Paintings in one exhibition could really introduce this style of art much better.

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