Intercity Tours Are Not Banned in Khorasan Razavi

The Deputy Minister of Tourism of Khorasan Razavi said: “There is no ban on holding Intercity Tours and traveling to natural promenades during the mid-June holidays.”

Yousef Bidkhori said about the protocol for holding Intercity Tours during the mid-June holidays: “There is no ban on holding intercity and inter-provincial tours during the mid-June holidays.”

He added: “Since tours use public transportation to transport their passengers, there is no ban on holding tours, as there has been no ban in this regard so far.”

Regarding the notification of new health protocols to tours and tourism facilities, he mentioned: The protocol that has been communicated from the beginning to all tourism facilities such as hotels, tours, travel agencies, etc. All of them may have fully complied with the health protocols.

“So far, there has been no case of corona outbreak in the Intercity Tours and their facilities of Khorasan Razavi and the personnel of these places are frequently monitored by the Health Department and taken tests regularly.”

He continued “Currently, a certain capacity is considered for hotels and tours, all of which fully comply with this matter, and we have not reported any non-compliance with this issue.”

Regarding the protocol for traveling to Khorasan Razavi resorts in mid-June, Bidkhori said: “Currently, no restrictions have been announced in this regard, and if restrictions are to be imposed, the provincial corona headquarters will make a decision in this regard and will announce it.”

Deputy Minister of Tourism of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khorasan Razavi explained the situation of tourism facilities in the province after the color of Mashhad corona changed to orange: Although the improvement of the corona situation of Khorasan Razavi, especially Mashhad and the removal of some restrictions is hopeful, many changes have particularly around Intercity Tours have not been executed.

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