World Tourism Day

“Tourism for Inclusive Growth” was chosen as the slogan of World Tourism Day in 2021.

According to ISNA, the coronavirus epidemic has been associated with widespread social and economic impact, damaging both developed and developing economies, with marginalized and vulnerable groups suffering the most. All the mentioned subject makes this year’s World Tourism Day much more important.

The resumption of tourism will help to start improving and growing, and everyone must enjoy its benefits in a broad and fairway.

Therefore, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has chosen the slogan “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” as its motto.

This is an opportunity to look beyond tourism statistics and acknowledge that there is a person behind every statistic. The World Tourism Organization has invited its member countries, as well as its sister UN agencies, businesses, and individuals to celebrate this unique feature of the tourism industry. According to which no one will fall behind after re-starting tourism and looking to the future in World Tourism Day.

Today, the world at large with cyberspace and the media has the power to prevent the slowdown of tourism from happening. That is why we have a World Tourism Day after all. On the other hand, the public awareness of different strata has been raised so that everyone knows that cultural heritage and tourism are the way to international interaction.

The historical textures and the restoration of these textures after their world registration began with changing historic houses into traditional hotels.

The lack of manpower and facilities and credits of cultural heritage is one of the effective problems regarding restorations. The motto of this year’s World Tourism Day exactly refers to such problems.

This international day is celebrated every year on September 27 to raise awareness of the social, cultural, political, and economic values ​​of the industry and its contribution to achieving the goals of sustainable development.

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