Road Trip

New Surveys are projecting despite pandemic conditions, road-trip in the U.S. will be down just 5.3 percent from 2019, over the coming Labour Day holiday weekend.

At least 42.5 million Americans will take to the roadways all around the country over the prolonged weekend to escape the unexciting of daily life during COVID-19. These predictions rely on data from a company’s Daily Travel Index, of which soon will be launching an improved version.

“Americans will want to seek a break on the road,” mentioned Arriva list’s Founder and CEO, Cree Lawson. “These latest statistics are a promising sign for the travel industry.”

Arriva list’s methodology relies on balanced, representative GPS signals that are used mostly in road trips with a car, included at least 50 miles and where travelers have spent a minimum of two hours at their destination.

Industries and businesses which also include traveling like commuter travel, cargo deliveries, and others that take repetitive routes are excluded from the company’s measurement. According to its CEOs, this is one of the reasons to trust the data they have been collecting.

Starting tomorrow, the platform will use their ability to compare road-based travel activity to pre-pandemic weeks, as opposed to comparing it to a February 2020 baseline.

As Labour Day is an annual holiday, many had their road trip organized since last year and before every traveling industry was shut down. The first shock was not ever leaving the house but due to the economic needs of the society, the lockdown could not be executed completely. Now after nearly 7 months, people are thinking to resume life and the upcoming holiday is the best time to visit other places while not going too far. However, this does not mean that the ongoing devastating disease has passed.