Iran Borders Will Be Reopened

The Deputy Minister of Tourism announced the preparation of a new support package, efforts to reopen Iran Borders to vaccinated tourists, and to follow the vaccination of tourism activists.
Vali Teymouri the Deputy Minister of Tourism, in order to explain the current measures and programs in the field of tourism, said that: due to the intensity of the spread of the coronavirus, including the existing restrictions and strictures, the deputy’s programs were pursued simultaneously in two parts.
He added: “while keeping in mind that Iran Borders are still closed, the first part, in the face of growing austerity, has been to focus on continuing government support for businesses and tourism activists.
Accordingly, the tourism industry was placed next to four occupations affected by the crisis of the Coronavirus. Previously, tourism was in the broader group of 14 occupations, and this promotion made it possible and necessary to obtain more support.
“We have tried to persuade the specialized committees of the National Corona Management Headquarters and the decision-making departments in this area to receive more support and to continue to provide support like reopening Iran Borders,” he added.
The tourism sector was set up in the Corona Economic Impact Working Group and covered areas such as banking, tax, and insurance support for tourism businesses, while Iran Borders were not letting any tourists in.
Teymouri said: “In the banking sector, with the approval of the relevant instructions, cases such as the postponement of facilities for tourism activists were implemented by the end of September, and we have tried not to impose any fines or benefits on the postponement.”
On the other hand, there are as we could say, underground dark markets for a visa. Like they give out business visas and have people as tourists to go around how Iran Borders are still closed to the potential real tourists out there.

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