Is Shahr-e-Rey 's History Sacrificed?

Archaeologists have uncovered cultural, historical, and architectural evidence, possibly dating back to the Seljuk period in Shahr-e-Rey, just a few meters from the Toghrol Historical Tower, where heritage activists have been protesting against urban management for at least 12 months.

A year has passed since the first warnings and protests against plans for vacant land in the western arena of the Toghrol Historical Tower in Shahr-e-Rey and the area of ​​Ibn Babawiyah Cemetery since its perimeter fence failed to hide the historical layers protruding from the sides of the wall, but each time the authorities passed it under the pretext.

Although this land was for many years the parking lot of the attendants of Ibn Babawiyyah Cemetery, at least this use had caused the least damage to the building and the historical site, until they thought of creating a use for this land.

Finally, the plan of the Tehran Municipality Renovation Organization to implement the Sadough Park project in Shahr-e-Rey was approved, and the start of the workshop has been met with protests since then.

The protests, the first point of which was not inquiring about the cultural heritage, and the presence of heavy vehicles and bulldozers moving in all parts of the land, and on the other hand, they dug the ground up to a few meters and all their job was to create a playground for children of Shahr-e-Rey.

However, in a situation where excavations in ancient sites are prohibited by cultural heritage regulations, an area where cultural heritage could even have guessed that due to its geographical location it would follow this feature, but after learning of the project, allowed the workshop to take place a few meters away from Toghrol Historical Tower.

After all this time and disregard for the rules that had to be followed, at the time of the final excavations in Shahr-e-Rey, cultural and historical artifacts and evidence were found that forced the cultural heritage to enter, and now the architectural structures that archaeologists date back almost The Seljuks estimate it has been obtained.

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