Iran u Prezentu Book of the Year in Croatia

The book “Iran u prezentu” by Ivan Jogic was selected and introduced as the book of the year and the best travelogue of the 2021 Croatian Tourism Festival.

The book, recently published in Croatia and acclaimed by the country’s audience and book market, won the Diana Clarice Award.

Croatia Tourism Festival 2021 was held from June 10 to 13 (June 20 to 23) in Croatia.

Ivan Đogić is a 35-year-old Croatian citizen active in the tourism industry who has immigrated to Iran and the city of Isfahan since 2018. In addition to narrating his observations from all over Iran in Iran u Prezentu, with the help of his wife, he has prepared spectacular images of antiquities, handicrafts, and places of interest in Iran and published them in this book.

The book “Iran u Prezentu”, which is a unique and illustrated narrative of civilization, historical attractions, public culture, and the introduction of Iranian handicrafts, was published in Croatia at the same time as Nowruz 1400 and was distributed in the book market. This book also contains an interesting and significant introduction to the cultural heritage and handicrafts of different regions of our country.

In addition to narrating objective and field observations from all over Iran, with the help of his wife Fariba Fadaei, he has prepared and published beautiful and spectacular images of antiquities and sights of Iran in Iran u Prezentu.

The author of this book said in an interview with the Croatian Telegram website in December of last year: Iranians are honorable people and have a great interest in other nations and share in positive experiences.

Referring to his Iranian wife, who played a major role in the production of his works, Jogic added: “With the cessation of tourism industry activities due to the outbreak of the coronary heart disease; I had the opportunity to write a book about Iran named Iran u Prezentu.

Recently, other than Iran u Prezentu a book called “In the Land of Noble People” was published about our country in Croatia too.

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