The Reconstruction Revolution in Kashan

During the past few days, the image of one of the walls of Kashan, in which part of a historical house was stylishly preserved, was noticed on social networks; The designer of this work, who is also the restorer of the Ameri House, has some interesting things to say about the process of Reconstruction Revolution in Kashan.

According to ISNA Sayed Akbar Helli, the architect of the Reconstruction Revolution in Kashan who was the candidate for the Aga Khan Architecture Award in 2016, has reported that:

“When a loader was marching towards a part of the wall of this house, I asked them to hold hands, and the then-mayor of Kashan, who was a member of the board of trustees for the Reconstruction Revolution program, asked me to stop. Why do I want to keep this wall?

I said it’s a pity, it has beautiful details and I have a plan for it. There is nothing wrong with it, and with the concurrence of Reconstruction Revolution civil engineers, we saved it by creating a frame around the wall.

Finally, the cost was paid by the municipality! But it was an interesting job. At first, they all made fun of us, but after a while, they saw how many foreign tourists welcome this frame.”

He continues: We did the same thing in front of the Raheb Hotel in Kashan. A historic house had been demolished right in front of the hotel, and some were planning to turn it into something else. Because it was bad for monk hotel, we bought the house and framed the rest of the wall.

Gradually, the culture of reconstructing took hold, a flood of tourists flocked to these historic houses, and even those who wanted to build a new building became interested in using Iranian-Islamic architectural elements in their buildings instead of Western styles. Interestingly, those who opposed us began to buy and renovate historic houses, and thus the Reconstruction Revolution was formed in Kashan.