Sekanjabin Syrup

Sekanjabin, a traditional Iranian syrup made up of honey and vinegar, turns into a wonderful tasty drink when combined with cucumber, especially in hot seasons.

This drink has many benefits and has been highly recommended in Persian medicine. With daily intake of this drink, especially in summer, you can get rid of urinary problems, abdominal bloating and stomach ache.

Rich in vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, it strengthens bones and teeth and prevents osteoporosis.

This syrup has a strong antioxidant quality that plays an important role in strengthening the immune system and protecting the body against various diseases, especially cancers. It also purifies blood, so it is useful for people with gout and high uric acid. The presence of salts and minerals in honey also has a great impact on the skin and hair health.

To prepare this drink, you must first prepare Sekanjabin syrup. Sekanjabin is a mixture of vinegar and honey blended in a certain amount and has a pleasant smell.

This syrup reduces heat-induced inflammation and ultimately ejects toxins through urine or sweat.


Fresh mint: 150 grams

Sugar: 1 Kilogram

Vinegar: 100 grams

Water: 2 Cups


Mix the sugar and water and place it on the heat. Wash the mints well and then pour them into the boiling syrup until the flavor of the mint is absorbed. Then add the vinegar and let the syrup get firm. Now sift it through a filter until the mint leaves are separated from the syrup. Keep the syrup in the fridge after getting cold. Mix a small amount of syrup with water and add some grated cucumber before serving.

Sekanjabin is also served along with lettuce on Sizdah Bedar also known as Nature’s Day which is celebrated on April 2. The occasion is an Iranian festival held annually on the thirteenth day of Farvardin (the first month of the Iranian calendar), during which people spend time picnicking outdoors. It marks the end of the Nowruz holidays in Iran.