Mashhad is the capital of Razavi Khorasan province, it is located north-east of Iran, bordering Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Khorasan means sunrise which points out to the tomb of Imam Reza (A.S) the eight Shiite Imam. Khorasan was the largest province of Iran until it was divided into three provinces  Razavi Khorasan, North Khorasan, South Khorasan. Mashhad is the first religious city in the country.

Imam Reza Shrine

    It is a huge shrine complex of mosque, museum, library. The shrine was expanded during different dynasties, it is one of the amazing pilgrimage places. Every year many Iranian and non-Iranian shiits visit the shrine.

Ghowharshad Mosque

    The mosque is located in the south of Imam Reza’s shrine. It was built by the order of empress Ghawharshad, the wife of shah Rukh of the Timurid dynasty in 1416-1418. This is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture.

Vakilabad Forest Park

    It is located 8km north-west of Mashhad. The park covers an area of 70 hectares with a seasonal river. The Vakilabad zoo is opposite the entrance the forest park.

Kang Historic Village-Torqabe

    This yalak village is located 19km west of Torqabe town and 29km to Mashhad. It resembles Masuleh but belongs to pre-Islamic period.

(Yalak ; a Turkic term, means summer highland pasture).


    It is located 37km north-west of Mashhad, it is considered as the best international unique tourist destination in Iran in 2006, due to its moderate climate, vast gardens, and beautiful scenery.

Tomb of Nader Shah

    The current tomb of Nader Shah has built in 1964 in the center of Mashhad, it is known as Bagh-e Naderi. Consisting in a heavy slab of concrete which forms a crypt and a colossal group of soldiers led to battle by equestrian commander. Tow museums have been set up there too.

Khwaja Rabi’a

    The amazing tomb is located at the end of Khwaja Rabi’a street. He has been one of the holy prophet’s Sahabah; refers to the companions, disciples, scribes and family of prophet Mohammad, and the senior officer of Ali’s Army (Son-in-low of prophet Mohammad).

Tomb of Ferdowsi

    Ferdowsi the influential Persian poet died in 1020 in Tus the same city in which he was born. His resting place was too plain, until 1934 the new building erected. The tomb composed of a white marble stone, with a museum in the grounds.

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