Pakistan citizens

Pakistan citizens love to travel a lot and it’s not a surprise that they have a range of favorite destinations. Let’s discuss which countries they love to visit the most.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One popular destination for Pakistanis is Dubai. its stunning architecture and skyscrapers make it an unforgettable destination for all kinds of travelers. People also go there, for luxury shopping, and amazing nightlife. However, pretty lot of people also go there for new job opportunities.


In recent years, Azerbaijan is also becoming one of the greatest destinations for Pakistani citizens. The country is very interesting from a cultural point of view as it has rich history and traditions. Also, there are many amazing places to explore in Azerbaijan, including its capital city Baku, Absheron National Park, Garasu Volcano, and many more. Don’t forget that Pakistani citizens must apply for Azerbaijan Visa to enter the country.

Bangkok, Thailand

Another favorite destination for Pakistanis is Bangkok, Thailand. The city is pretty affordable compared to similar travel destinations. You can try lots of delicious seafood, and exotic fruits, and overall, the cuisine in Bangkok is amazing. It’s also a popular destination for medical tourism, people go there and get different kinds of treatments at affordable prices.


Malaysia is also a popular destination for Pakistanis who like to experience a mix of different cultures, including Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Malaysia is a great destination for anyone looking to explore Southeast Asia. It has extremely beautiful landscapes and nature that surprise all visitors.

Istanbul, Turkey

Pakistanis love to travel to Istanbul as well because of its historical significance and beautiful architecture. Visitors can explore amazing mosques, ancient ruins, and bustling bazaars. You can feel a mix of Asian and European culture in the city which makes it one of the most attractive destinations.

London, UK

For those seeking a more cosmopolitan experience, London, UK, is a favorite place for Pakistanis. With its rich history, world-class museums, and galleries, London is a city that has something to offer everyone. Every year, more and more Pakistani citizens visit London mostly for touristic purposes.

Saudi Arabia

Ultimately, Saudi Arabia is a great place for Pakistani Muslims who want to perform Hajj or Umrah. The country is also famous for its beautiful mosques, ancient culture, and landscapes. The capital city Riyadh has become an extremely beautiful modern city with architectural masterpieces.