The capital of Golestan province is Gorgan. It covers an area of 22000 sq. m, with varied climate. This province due to its climate, vegetation, natural parks, and lagoons every year attracts many travelers.

Naharkhoran Jungle Park

    This jungle park is located in the south of Gorgan, 8km to the city. The area has relatively mild climate than the center of city, with increasing the population it has converted to one of a main streets.

Imam Reza Jungle Park

    One of the most beautiful jungle parks in Golestan province and Iran is Imam Reza jungle park, and is one of the unique features of this province. The existence of many springs, and rivers which are created from melting snow, and joining streams, Doab waterfall, 7 level waterfall, are distinctive features of this place.

Gonbad-e Qabus (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

    This is a baked-brick tower, which reaches 72 meters including the height of the platform. It has built in 1006 A.D as the tomb of Shams al-Moali Qabus Ibn Woshmgir the prince Ziyarid ruler. It is one of the tallest brick tower in the world.

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