About 350km southwest of Shiraz on the coast of the Persian Gulf is located. For travelers who are interested in visiting the Persian Gulf, it is a very good opportunity to go to Bushehr from Shiraz.

Moshir-al-Molk Caravanserai, Borazjan

Moshir-al-Mulk caravanserai is located on the east side of Borazjan’s central square. The building of this caravanserai was built on the orders of Hajj Mirza Abolhassan Khan Moshir al-Mulk. The total area of the building is 7000 square meters and has four high towers. The building was registered in the National Iranian Register of Public Works in 1362 (No. 1638).

Chehelkhane Cave (Cave of Forty Houses), Borazjan

This cave which is located in Sa’adat Abad, of Sa’d Abad section of Dashtestan, is one of the historical and spectacular monuments of Bushehr province. The interior cave rooms are in various dimensions. Because of the weakness of the rock type, it is degraded due to natural factors and erosion. Considering the totality of the building, it is probably one of the centers of the official religions of Iran within = the Sassanid era.

Protected Area and tourism site of Mond-Bushehr

The area, with two ecosystems of water and land alongside each other, is located in the district of Bardkhoon – a region near Dayer- located 180 km south-east of Bushehr port. The most beautiful feature of this region is the beautiful Drain birds from late autumn to early April in the area.

Malek Mansion – Bushehr

The large mansion building in Bushehr was built on the orders of Malek Al-Tojar, who was one of the most prominent businessmen of Bushehr. The entrance door of this mansion is one large in ebony wood with metal decorations and the main mansion has two floors with painted walls.

Assaluyeh Industrial Zone

Assalouyeh is a city of Kangan and a huge industrial area of the province of Bushehr, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. From a tourism point of view, this region has its own natural beauty which doubles by the light and the fire of gas flares at nights.

Bardestan mosque – Daier

The mosque consists of a rectangular square mansion with a small entrance and a spacious wardrobe. There is an inscription inside a mosque’s room that dates back to 852 AH.

Beautiful beaches of Persian Gulf – Bushehr

The best season to travel to Bushehr is April, and the beautiful Spring Festival along the Persian Gulf will double the natural landscape of this area.

Nasoori Castle, Kangan

Castle Nasoori is located in Bandar-e-Taheri of central Kagan city. This is known as the Castle of Sheikh and belongs to the Qajar period. This castle was built on the orders of Sheikh Jabar Nasoori about 180 years ago and its architect has been Ali Asghar Shirazi.

Jashk salt dome – Jashk- Dayer

A salt dome near the village of Jashk in Bushehr city in Dayer city, 144 km south-east of Bushehr port and 55 km from Dayer city, is one of the largest, most active and beautiful salt domes in Iran.


Gordhakhtar is the daughter of Gabr or Zardatashti, the foundation of Goordokhtar, which is very similar to the Achaemenid tomb of Cyrus in Pasargadae, dates back to the sixth century BC.

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