Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan province. The recommended time to visit is spring and summer, enjoy the beautiful mountains, roaring rivers and waterfalls, landscapes, lakes fruits gardens, which have created an interesting place to visit.

Blue Mosque (Masjed-e Kabud)

    The mosque located in the center of the city, was built in 1465. An earthquake in 1776 caused some collapse, but by a renovation has kept its original layout. Syncretic architecture, tile working, wonderful motifs are distinctive features of this mosque.

Constitutional House (Khaneh Mashrouteh)

    Dating from 1868 with Qajar architecture, located near Tabriz bazaar.

Tabriz Bazaar (UNESCO World Heritage)

    It is a historic market, located in the city center. It is one of the largest and oldest covered bazaar in Iran and Asia.

Jameh Mosque

    Congregational mosque is one of the oldest buildings which is located next to the Bazaar, it has two entrances, One in the north and the other one in the  south.

Poets mausoleum (Maqbare al-sho’ara)

    This palce is where 400 famous Iranian poets were buried. It has built in 1971, situated in the Sorkhab historical district.

University Of Architecture

    This university consists of three historic parts, belonging to Zand and Qajar era with unique Iranian and Islamic architecture. It was built in 1737.

Clock Tower

    Clock tower also known as Tabriz municipality place. The edifice was built in an abandoned cemetery in 1935. This clock announces the time every 15 minutes.

Arg-e Alishah

    In fact the structure was built as a mosque in 14th – century during Ilkhanate era. In 19th – century with a tention Between Iran and Russia turned into a fortification. At present a big mosque is constructed next to the fort.

Mosque and Museum of Sahib al-Amr

    The mosque was built in 1636 by the order of king Tahmasb in Safavid era, many times destroyed and reconstructed. In some historic books this mosque named – King Tahmasb.

Khalat Poushan Tower

    The tower is located 10km east of Tabriz. It was built in Safavid era. The three – storey tower has made of bricks, during Qajar era the building was used for investiture.

El Goli

    It is a pleasant hillside garden and park around an artificial lake, it is a popular resort for the locals. In the center of the pool there is a big hexagonal building. The first building attributed to Shah Golu a king of Aq Qoyunlu dynasty, which governed during the years 1378-1501. Aq Qoyunlu means the owner of white sheep.

Kandovan Historic Village

    This village is located in 22km south-east of Osku and 62km towards Tabriz. The village dates back to 800 years ago. The cone form of the houses, mountainous climate, mineral springs, have created a marvelous tourism destination.


Saint Stepanos Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

    It is an Armenian monastery situated 16km west of Julfa. The building consists of three parts. Reliefs on the walls inside and outside are amazing.

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