Zanjan is the capital of Zanjan province. It lies 298km north-west of Tehran. This city is famous for its handicrafts such as knives, silver, traditional sandals(charokh). It has said that, Zanjan was built by Ardashir, the first king of the Sassanid empire. It has a cold winter with hot summer.

Soltanieh Dome (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

    The mausoleum is in Soltanieh south of Zanjan. It is the biggest brick dome in the world. It is the tomb of Oljaitu (the eight Ilkhanid dynasty ruler). It was built from 1302 to 1312 A.D. The oldest double-shell dome in Iran, which is 49 meters high and 25 meters in diameter. Designs are varied; huge lacy medalions, painted mosaic, floral patterns, sacred inscriptions … .

Historic Bazaar

    The construction of Bazaar began in 1835 during the reign of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, and ended at the time of Fath Ali Shah. In 1940 mosques and baths were added. The complex of old Bazaar is a straight line, top to down, and divided into eastern and western parts.

Jame Mosque

    Known as Seyyed Mosque, was built in 1826 during the Qajar dynasty, by Abdullah Mirza Dara the son of Fath Ali Shah.

Rakht Shuy Khane (laundry)

    Rakht Shuy Khane means a place for washing clothes. This building was built by two brothers in 1926. The purpose of creating such a building has been for providing comfort and safety for women in a covered place. Currently it is used as the museum of Anthropology.

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